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Build Your Best Scope and Sequence for Art 1 Class

 I’m going to assume if you are here and reading this blog you probably are an art educator and you probably already know what Scope and Sequence is all about… but just in case you don’t know or maybe you just need a refresher:  
Art One: Scope and Sequence

SCOPE refers to all of the things that you plan to teach for a period of time.  Generally for high school that would be a semester.   My school is on a block schedule, so that means I have students for about 18 weeks and 90 minutes each day.  Sequence refers to the order in which you intend to teach those concepts.

 Art 1 is an introductory course in art for high school students. Art 1 is designed to introduce students to the basic principles and elements of art and provide a foundation for further study in art. The course might cover a variety of art forms, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media, or it might cover the elements and principles within more limited media choices.

The scope and sequence for teaching Art 1 in high school can vary depending on the curriculum and the teacher’s preferences. If you want to teach Art 1 and only use drawing you can totally do that! Most states and/or school districts have particular standards you have to cover in Art 1, but they are generic and broad and usually leave a lot of wiggle room for teacher preference.

How My Art 1 class is set up:

The first week is different. I will post about my first week of Art 1 in a later blog post. After the initial week or so, I begin teaching the Elements of Art.

Students complete some vocabulary lessons for each Element. Students create an artwork that uses that Element. Then, we have a quiz on the Element, mostly covering the vocabulary.

I can usually cover all seven of the Elements around midterms of the semester. I cover them in this order:

Our second semester, we start covering the Principles of Design. I cover them in this order:

I always throw in a research project somewhere in the mix. I do Artist Research Posters (so I don’t have to grade papers 😆).

At the end of the semester, we will cover the four step critique process. I use this Powerpoint and I have them use my critique worksheet. Then they take the information from that worksheet to write a short 1-2 page critique paper. Using the worksheet really helps them be successful!

If we have time remaining, I try to include a grid drawing (usually a self-portrait).

My school requires that we do a Midterm and Final test. For Art 1, I test them on their vocabulary words from each Element and Principle unit.

Over the next weeks, I’ll be posting more about my Art 1 class, specifically the types of Art lessons I do for each Element of Art, the first week of school and my favorite art supplies for Art 1.

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color theory bundle cover image from Teachers Pay Teachers.
color theory bundle cover image from Teachers Pay Teachers.


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