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op art lesson with line

6 Steps to an Amazing Op Art Lesson using Line

Have you ever done an Op Art Lesson using Line? It’s typically one of the very first Artworks I do with my Art 1 classes. I’ve been thinking about changing it up because I’ve done the exact same lesson for a long time now… but they seem to like it.

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INMC Restroom Passes for Extra Credit

New Freebie: Art Class Restroom Pass

Do you use some type of Art Class Restroom Pass? I have used them for many years now and I find them to be really helpful for my classroom.  I give them a sheet of 10 passes at the beginning of the semester.  When they leave the classroom they must

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ryb and cmy color wheel worksheets

2 New RYB vs. CMY Color Wheel Teaching Resources

Do you Teach the RYB or the CMY Color Wheel? I have always taught the Traditional RYB color wheel in my classroom. I knew about the CMY color wheel but I had personally never explored it much. So, I set off to learn more about it! I started experimenting with

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Cute thumbs up sketch with text that reads, "Free! It's my Art Teacher Secret Weapon! It's Thumbnail Sketches!"

13 Free Pages of THUMBNAIL SKETCH Printables!

Shhh! These Thumbnail Sketch Printables are my Art Teacher SECRET Weapon! For my Art 1 students these small, quick, and often overlooked drawings play a HUGE role in shaping their artistic journey in my classroom. Here’s why they matter and why you should incorporate MORE Thumbnail sketches: Visualization: A picture

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Text reads, "The Power of Creativity" Image shown is a hand holding a light bulb that is reaching out of a box.

The POWER of Creativity: 3 Printable Creativity Exercises

  Why would you want to take an Art Class? Why would we want to complete Creativity Exercises? Did you know? According to a report from Americans for the Arts, students who participate in the arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. Art education can be

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