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Meet Erin Taylor author of It Needs More Contrast

Hi! I'm Erin Taylor!

Welcome to my blog!   I love being an art teacher, but it’s just a tiny fragment of who I am! I call the beautiful state of West Virginia home. I love traveling but WV owns my heart.

I have been teaching high school art for the past 15 years. The best part of being an art educator is getting to see my students do things they didn’t know they could do.

I enjoy my job and getting to know my students, but I am PASSIONATE about getting work DONE within my contract hours.  I refuse to work for free and I want to help other art teachers get more work done during the school day and be able to enjoy their evenings, weekends and summers!

Meet Erin Taylor author of It Needs More Contrast -students

It Needs more contrast

Meet Erin Taylor author of It Needs More Contrast students 2

If you are an art teacher, you probably understand my “It Needs More Contrast” name without explanation!  I started using it many years ago when I had a few students in one class where I had to say that phrase over and over and over and over.

One day, one of those students made a comment, “You need to print that on a t-shirt so you don’t have to say it.  You could just point at it!”  Well, that same class ended up going on a field trip to a local college where we got to design and print our own screen-printed t-shirts!

Guess what one of our designs said?!    Of course, I made a shirt that says “It Needs More Contrast”

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Meet My family...

On a personal note… I’m CRAZY in love with the most wonderful man! He is a helicopter pilot in the Army National Guard. We got married during the height of the COVID19 pandemic in our living room with just 16 people there. We have a beautiful blended family of four kids.  They are 15, 13, 11 and 9. They keep us super busy with soccer, jazz band, marching band, show choir, archery, etc.  

Meet-Erin Taylor-wedding-1
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We have a rescue dog named Boomer who looks like a German Shorthaired Pointer (but I need to do a DNA test on him!). He is my best buddy and follows me everywhere. 

My personal life is so, beyond lovely now and my husband totally supports me in everything I do.  However, I had a really rough time during my first marriage of 16 years.  When it came to an end, I REALLY struggled to find motivation to be an art teacher and just to get through the day.  This is a huge motivation for me to provide resources I create for free on my blog and for sale in my It Needs More Contrast TPT store.  I really could have used some help back then.  I know many people are struggling and can use a little help!

Other Interests

Fitness and mobility are also really important to me.  My husband and I ran a half marathon (with Boomer!) and a full marathon in 2022 and then two more half marathons and various 5K races in 2023.  I teach indoor cycling and yoga at the most wonderful small group fitness gym.  

My other hobbies are digital scrapbooking, reading and/or listening to audiobooks (especially Harry Potter on repeat), and PLANTS.  During COVID quarantine I started collecting plants and now I can’t stop.

Thanks for reading! It’s so nice to have you here!