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Tombow Dual Tip Markers – An Art Teacher’s Review

 Tombow Dual Tip Markers: An Art Teacher’s Review

Tombow Dual Tip Markers are a popular choice for artists due to their versatility and quality. They feature two tips – a really fine tip and a flowy brush tip – which together allow for a range of line widths and techniques.

Check out these great reasons to love Tombow Dual Tip Markers:

  • Color Range: Tombow dual tip markers come in a wide range of colors, from bold and vibrant to soft and subtle shades. The Tombow website claims they come in 108 different colors. Just LOOK at all those luscious colors! My favorites are the light values and the neutrals.  
  • Ink Quality: The ink in Tombow dual tip markers is water-based and acid-free, which means that it is safe for use in archival projects. The ink flows smoothly and evenly, producing consistent color and coverage without a lot of directional-lines that occur when the edges of marker strokes overlap.  The colors blend well with each other, making it easy to create gradients and other effects.
  • Durability: Markers don’t last forever, but I have found Tombow dual tip markers to be durable and long-lasting comparatively. 
  • Price: Tombow dual tip markers are a bit pricey compared to some other markers on the market, but they are worth the investment for serious artists or art teachers who want quality water soluble markers.  Personally, I wouldn’t use these markers for an Art 1 class, but I would definitely allow Art 2 or beyond to use them.
  • Variety:  They come in a variety of marker pack sets based on different color combinations.  These usually have about 10 markers per pack for about $15-$20. There are some 20 packs as well, for about $30. You can also purchase them in single colors at Blick.  They are generally about $3 each as singles.  You can also purchase all 108 colors in a single pack that comes with a nice carrying tote for around $285.  
Tombow Dual Tip Marker 10 Pack Color Set
Tombow Dual Tip Marker 10 Pack Color Set
Tombow Dual Tip Marker 10 Pack Color Set
Tombow Dual Tip Marker 108 Color Set with Storage Tote
Tombow Dual Tip Marker 108 Color Set with Storage Tote
  • Water-Soluble:  Tombow doesn’t market these as “watercolor” markers, but they can be used just like them!  I have used them in this way many times.   Here are just a couple quick sketches I created using this technique.  I think they look a lot like watercolor paint!


On the other hand:

Tombow markers are great for certain things, however… they aren’t perfect. They are very different from alcohol-based markers like Copic. They don’t have the coverage you get from a paint marker, like POSCA pens. If you need something that is waterproof, these markers are a BIG NO. Any water drops on a Tombow marker artwork will definitely show up and make it run!

Tombow markers also have a clear colorless blender marker that you can purchase to help blend. From my experience, these are just okay in quality. They work, but I prefer to use water on a paint brush to blend the colors. Keep in mind when using the clear blender markers that you must clean the tip each time by marking on a scrap paper until the marker runs clear again. If you forget to do this…well, your clear marker is stained and basically you have a new color marker now! Oops! For classroom use, I prefer to have students use damp paint brushes for this reason. Of course, water is cheaper!

Best ways to Buy Tombow Dual Tip Markers:

Please note that I’m not getting paid by Tombow to endorse their products. However, the links on this review are affiliate links so if you choose to purchase via my links, I will get a small percentage of the price as a commission with no additional charge to you. Thank you for your support!

I personally own this 96 marker set.

I purchased it from but they no longer have it on Blick’s website but it’s still available to purchase on Amazon. I did not care for the marker stand that came with it.. but this is the best priced deal I could currently find online. If you purchase 96 markers for the current price, $152.56 you are spending less than $1.60 each!

tombow dual tip m arkers case

If the storage case is important to you, you can buy it separately for less than $22 on Amazon.

If you just want to try them out without purchasing a giant set and forking out a lot of money, then just start with a 10 or 20 pack. Blick probably has the best selection of these, but sometimes you can find a great deal on Amazon. Below you’ll find links to shop the Landscape and Portrait Colors… but look around and you’ll find a lot of variety in the 10 packs!

Tombow Dual Tip Markers 10 Pack Portrait Colors

Tombow Dual Tip Markers 10 Pack Landscape Colors


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