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First Day of School for Art Teachers ID Cards for students. Photo shows examples.

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 2

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 2: Do you dread the beginning of a new school semester the way that I do??  Its not just about ending summer and going back to work. I struggle because its hard for me to feel like I’m on a stage in front of students that I don’t really know yet!   It also makes me really miss my old students (sometimes)!  

BUT…  I GUESS IT MUST BE DONE.  We have to get through this time to get to the good stuff later!

So, Let’s Focus Today on Some Help for the First Day of School for Art Teachers!

To begin a new semester of Art 1, I tend to drag my feet a little before we start doing real art projects.  I don’t know about your school but we have schedule changes that happen for the first week or so.  I like to try to hold off on starting artwork (and wasting supplies!) for that time.   

So, how do we fill that time with MEANINGFUL work that still interests the students??

Here’s what I do.  For the first day we have really short classes (about 30 minutes or so each).  So, we find our seating arrangements. I group them alphabetically just because it helps me learn their names.  I posted about learning student names HERE.

Then, I have them fill out an ID card on an index card.  I ask them for some personal info like names/nicknames, pronouns, age, birthday, grade, hobbies and at least one boring fact.   On the blank side, I have them decorate it any way they would like.  Kids usually draw something pertaining to their hobbies, bubble letter name designs, just colorful patterns..  or sometimes Spongebob.  

First Day of School for Art Teachers.  Text reads, "First Days: ID Cards" with example photos of ID cards made by high school students.

No matter what they choose, it gives me a little info. about them and their artistic and creative abilities right away.  While they work on these ID cards, I walk around and practice their names.   That is all I have time for on that shortened first day (thank goodness! sheewww!) 

On my next blog post, I will focus on another tip for the First Day of School for Art Teachers: Teaching them WHY they are taking a general Art class. More on that HERE!


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