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Design Matrix: Elements and Principles Review

Art 2 Challenge: Elements and Principles Review

 We are beginning a new semester here as our school is on “block” schedule.  This semester I have all Art 2 classes. To begin in Art 2, I like to start with the basics! 

So, we always start Art 2 with an Elements and Principles Review.

Over the years I done this in a variety of ways.  This year, I decided to have the students view some YouTube videos as a review.  I showed them the Elements of Art playlist by KQED first.  Then, we watched and discussed each of the Principles, one at a time.  I feel like the Elements are a bit more easily understood while the Principles can be a more confusing.  So, I spend a little more time going over the Principles of Design.

We watch a video review of Balance.  I explained a bit further and then students began to complete this worksheet that I call a “Design Matrix.”  I’m not the originator of this Matrix idea.  I’ve seen it on several different websites.  However, I created this worksheet for my classroom use.  If you are interested, you can purchase my version at my TpT store.   My students filled in the column for Balance by trying to combine it with the respective Element from the side. Then, of course, we moved on to the rest of the Principles of Design, one at a time.

Design Matrix, Combining the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design

     Even though this is an Elements and Principles Review, It can be a pretty BIG challenge to mix each of the Elements with the Principles in a small little square on a worksheet!  Looking at my student’s work this semester, I feel like they have a better understanding of the Elements and Principles now!  Here are some finished examples.

Student example of Design Matrix: Elements and Principles Review
Student example of Design Matrix: Elements and Principles Review

After we finish the Design Matrix, we start my very favorite Elements and Principles Review: The Elements and Principles of Art Accordion Book. Here is my Blog Post about that!


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