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Big Update! Oldenburg Paper Mache – Part 2

Art 1 is continuing their Claes Oldenburg paper mache artworks!  Student working on a sculpture of a sushi roll!

Art 1 is continuing their Claes Oldenburg paper mache artworks!

You can read PART 1 Here.

Here you can see they have completed their armatures.  The next step is to add 3-4 layers of paper mache!  I like to use Elmer’s Art Paste. (UPDATE: IT’S GONE!! THEY HAVE DISCONTINUED Elmer’s Art Paste!! Read about that here.)

Many years ago, I used to cook the flour mache paste myself and it can be really difficult to make for a large class(es).  The flour stuff works really well, but can be time consuming and just annoying to whip up!  However, the biggest problem I’ve had with it is that many of my students find it to be super-disgusting! They will even gag.  So, I found Elmer’s Art Paste and since I switched I haven’t had nearly as many complaints from my students!  Sadly, it just doesn’t work quite as well as the flour stuff, but the texture isn’t bad.  It seems to work especially well when you mix it up a day in advance.  By the way, Elmer’s didn’t give me any money for this recommendation.  

You can see here that my students are applying a white paper to their sculptures.  We used newspaper and ran out! I remembered that someone had given me a large box of printer paper from around 1995.  Any one else as old and me and remember the ANCIENT printer paper with the pale green and white stripes with the circular holes down the sides?  Well, we put it to good use!

One really great paper mache tip is to always use a white paper on the final layer. It really saves on paint! 

I will post some finished, painted oldenburg paper mache sculpture images soon!

Oldenburg Paper Mache Art 1 students working

I can’t wait to share more photos of these Claes Oldenburg Paper Mache Artworks when they get them finished! Painting does take forever though!


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