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Photo of three pages from my water based marker techniques worksheet packet. Text box reads, "Just use Cheap Crayola Markers and water!"

Brand New 3 Page Water Based Marker Techniques Worksheet Packet

Need Students to learn Basic Beginner Marker Techniques?

Photo of three pages from my water based marker techniques worksheet packet. Text box reads, "Just use Cheap Crayola Markers and water!"

I have a new resource to share today that can help. It’s a Water Based Marker Techniques Worksheet Pack. Markers can be a HUGE struggle for students. They love to use them, but most of the time the craftsmanship is plain terrible! I just started a brand new assignment (that I can’t wait to share soon!) with my High School Art 1 students using water based markers. I have never been a big marker fan. This is actually the first time in 15 years that I’ve let students use them!!

So, I just HAD to make a new Marker Techniques worksheet packet to help them learn to use them better. I’ve never been a fan because, frankly, students really struggle with getting them to be smooth, getting them to blend and with really ugly directional lines! Ugggh! So, I decided to make this to TRY to help with that a little.

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I also can’t afford to use alcohol markers or even the water based Tombow or Prismacolor colorless blender markers for all of my Art 1 students. I save those for my upper level artists. So, this worksheet works with the CHEAP Crayola markers. (We used the 100 pack of Crayola Super-Tips, but the thicker Broad Line or chisel-tips would work too!)

It doesn’t have to be Crayola brand. Any water based markers would work. If you have the funds, the Tombow Dual Ended Brush pens work GREAT for this! (If you’ve never tried the Tombow markers, I wrote a review of them HERE.) The BEST thing is… won’t need those clear blender markers, these marker techniques worksheets just use water and a small paint brush.

Page 3 of the marker techniques worksheet is the page that uses water to blend the markers. For that page, I give students the worksheet and also a scrap sheet (we used a 5″x5″ square) of bristol board paper to draw the rectangles to practice the blending with water. You can try to use water on copy paper, but I think they will be more successful using bristol or another mixed media paper.

Photo of Marker Techniques Worksheet pages partially completed with crayola supertip markers.

If this sounds like something you need for your Middle School or High School students, you can find the water based marker techniques worksheet pack for sale in my TPT store for just $3.50. I can’t wait to share the new art lesson I’m doing with my Art 1 students using the markers! That will be coming soon!


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