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NEW Principles of Art Lesson with Pattern, Movement & Variety

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New ZERO PREP Resource: Finish the Pattern THREE Principles of Art Lesson

We just switched classes at the semester…so I just met a new group of Art 2 students.  To start out the new semester with something fun, engaging and highly successful, we started with the “finish the pattern” artwork.   (Listen, if anyone else has a better name for this lesson, I’m totally open for that! haha.  I’m not crazy about this name, but it’s what I call it!)  

This lesson is great for middle school,  high school Art 1 or Art 2.  It’s a great Principles of Art lesson because you can cover Pattern, Variety, and Movement.   I focus on Visual Movement (with the bold black lines), Line Variation and Variety, and Pattern during this lesson.  You can also include Emphasis if you encourage students to create a “most important part” or focal point in their work.  You could instruct them to do this using converging lines and/or have them use color or value contrast to achieve an area of emphasis. 

Students are given pages that have shapes filled with differing patterns and lines.  They choose the ones they want to use, cut them out and glue down to their background paper.  Then, they work to make their cut pieces blend in by filling up the white space with bold, medium weight and very thin black lines.  We use chisel tip black markers and black ballpoint pens.

I’ve gathered my materials I use for this into a ZERO prep resource on TPT if you are interested.  All the teacher needs to do is gather the required materials and make some copies.  It’s a huge time saver.  It comes with a PDF presentation to show students the steps and some examples.   This project generally takes my high school students about 2-3 90 minute blocks to complete. 

Finish the Pattern:  Principles of Art Lesson on Movement, Variety, and pattern.  Art lesson printable pages, teacher notes, material list

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