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Image is a desk top filled with art supplies. Text reads, "Why Take Art? It builds creativity and problem solving skills?" Post about the first day of school for art teachers

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 3

 WHY are we here? True learning can’t exist if we don’t understand WHY we are learning something.   One of the most important things to discuss on the First Day of School for Art Teachers is the WHY. I always explain to my Art 1 students WHY they need to take

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First Day of School for Art Teachers ID Cards for students. Photo shows examples.

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 2

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 2: Do you dread the beginning of a new school semester the way that I do??  Its not just about ending summer and going back to work. I struggle because its hard for me to feel like I’m on a stage in

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Name tag with text that reads, "Hello. My name is Mrs. Gray" but the name is marked out. First Day of School for Art Teacher post about learning student names.

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 1

The First Day of School for Art Teachers is Vital! First Impressions are IMPERATIVE! Let me tell you a little story… Once upon a time, I was at an art event and I met up with a retired art teacher that…well let’s just say had a reputation for having no

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Embracing Analog Creativity: CELL PHONE FREE!

Imagine this: an art class where everyone is fully present! No more distracted glances at screens, no random ringtone interruptions, and definitely no funny cat videos in the middle of class (okay, maybe we’ll miss those a little). It’s going to be a symphony of pencils, brushes, and imagination!  Can you hear

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Portrait Power. Student examples of half face grid drawing graphite pencil activity.

Powerful Grid Drawing Portraits!

Let me be real vulnerable….  I have an Art 1 class this semester that has absolutely been my most difficult class in at least 10 years… and maybe ever.  This week we started drawing human faces and we began with my Grid Drawing Portrait worksheets.   This class is my last

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How to get the BEST Art Critiques with Art 1!

Art Critiques with Art 1: Have you tried to teach an Art 1 class how to write an Art critique paper?  It’s a little like… not even herding cats…it’s more like choreographing synchronized swimming for cats! So, yes… it is a HUGE challenge to get them to describe, analyze, interpret, and judge

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Penis Drawings? Number 1 Art Teacher Problem?

If You Give a Boy a Pencil…He’ll Probably Draw a Penis. The oldest art teacher problem of all? Perhaps!! I’m pretty sure there are penis drawings on cave walls! I’ve had some other interesting classroom graffiti over the years. One semester I kept finding, ” DAD?” on all sorts of

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RIP, Elmer’s Art Paste. You Will Be Missed.

  Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today to mourn the passing of Elmer’s Art Paste… It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to this beloved product that has helped us create so many fond memories in our classrooms over the years. Elmer’s Art Paste was a

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