Grab a lesson on me. 

Finally! Radial Balance Lesson.

One lesson I really love to do with my high school Art 1 students is Radial Balance designs.  This new Radial Balance lesson requires no real prep for the teacher.  The only thing students need are protractors, maybe rulers, copy paper, a marker, 9×9″ or 9×12″ white drawing paper, and your choice of media (I use colored pencils and/or markers but you could use pens, paint, etc.)

Then, you just show the Powerpoint and the students can begin working on the Doodle Page.  There are 4 steps and I have included 4 videos in the PowerPoint. 

 This post has been a LONG time in the making!   I first blogged about my Radial Balance lesson back in November of 2019!  We all know what happened shortly after that in March of 2020 so you can probably guess why I am just now getting around to adding this to my TpT.

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