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Embracing Analog Creativity: CELL PHONE FREE!

Imagine this: an art class where everyone is fully present! No more distracted glances at screens, no random ringtone interruptions, and definitely no funny cat videos in the middle of class (okay, maybe we’ll miss those a little). It’s going to be a symphony of pencils, brushes, and imagination!  Can you hear the creativity humming in the air already? 

As we gear up for another school year epic journey of creativity, I’ve got some big news for this school year in my classroom.  No, it’s not about a lifetime supply of Posca pens or a Jen Stark mural (though that would be awesome), it’s about a mighty decision that’s sure to have some students gasping:  my classroom is going phone-free!

Last year was a challenge and I’ve over the struggles of dealing with distracted students!  So this year is a different kind of challenge….a challenge to unplug and unlock our inner Van Goghs!  Of course, I can’t banish phones from their lives entirely (I might allow some well-deserved reward time!) but in the sacred art space, we’re going to embrace the uncharted territory that is unplugged creativity!

Not only will we create masterpieces that will rival the great Renaissance artists, but I’m hoping the students will also form a bond stronger than that between brush and canvas. Without TikToks, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels vying for the students’ attention, maybe they’ll talk, laugh, or even break into spontaneous art class jam sessions! 

Maybe my expectations (in this post,  not so much real life) are too high.. but let me real honest…. It can’t get much worse than that last semester last year.  So.. here’s to a change!

I bought a shoe organizer from Amazon with enough shoe slots for my largest classes.  I also plan to buy enough of these mesh zipper pouches for each shoe slot.  My goal is to try to put a pencil pouch of art supplies in each one.   Then, students will grab their assigned pouch and replace it with their cell phones (to be left alone!) until the end of the class when they switch it out again.. and LEAVE!   I’ll report back on what supplies I use and how this goes!  I’m nervous and excited!

NOTE:  This post contains affiliate links to Amazon and Blick.  I make a small percentage commission at no extra charge to you if you shop using my link! Thank you!


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