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Edible Color Wheels with Art 1

 Sometimes a class just deserves to do something fun!  It’s been a long time since I did an edible color wheel activity with a group of students.  When I did it before, it was with 5th graders and I was doing my Student Teaching back in Fall of 2007! 

But my Art 1 this semester just seemed like they deserved a little treat.  So, I bought some stuff to do the color wheel activity with them!  I think they liked it! 🙂

Materials needed for 12 students:

   1 16 oz. jar of white icing

   2  11 oz. boxes of Vanilla Wafers

   1 box of food coloring, with red/yellow/blue of course.

   3 mixing bowls/cups for icing

   24 paper plates (One for distributing the icing/cookies and one as a palette for color mixing)

   plenty popsicle sticks!  We used at least 3 per student.

   paper towels

I prepped the icing by dividing the can into three cups (well, really just two and I used the icing jar as well because I didn’t want to waste any.  I’m glad too, because I had JUST enough!)  Then, I added food coloring to make a bright yellow, vivid red, and…. the best blue I could.  Meh.  The blue food coloring wasn’t great. The finished result looked a little smurfy.  I used Kroger brand.

Then I laid out 24 plates, two stacked on top of each other for a total of 12.  I divided up the Vanilla wafers on each plate, giving each student 12 cookies.   I spooned out about a tablespoon each of red, yellow and blue to each plate.  Lastly, I gave each plate three popsicle sticks. 

Then, the students got to play and attempt to mix all 12 colors from the color wheel.  After I saw their finished work, they got to eat it (or toss it! ha!)

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