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Spooky SHOUT OUT from TheArtProject! Grid Drawing Practice


Spooky season might be over but I wanted to take a moment and share this FANTASTIC YouTube video review posted by Chad Brown at TheArtProject last week!   Here’s what Mr. Brown said about the Grid Drawing Practice worksheet pack on his 5 star TPT review:  “My students used this to practice after I had taught […]

13 Free Pages of THUMBNAIL SKETCH Printables!

Cute thumbs up sketch with text that reads, "Free! It's my Art Teacher Secret Weapon! It's Thumbnail Sketches!"

Shhh! These Thumbnail Sketch Printables are my Art Teacher SECRET Weapon! For my Art 1 students these small, quick, and often overlooked drawings play a HUGE role in shaping their artistic journey in my classroom. Here’s why they matter and why you should incorporate MORE Thumbnail sketches: Visualization: A picture is worth a thousand words! […]

The POWER of Creativity: 3 Printable Creativity Exercises

Text reads, "The Power of Creativity" Image shown is a hand holding a light bulb that is reaching out of a box.

  Why would you want to take an Art Class? Why would we want to complete Creativity Exercises? Did you know? According to a report from Americans for the Arts, students who participate in the arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. Art education can be a catalyst for success across […]

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 3

Image is a desk top filled with art supplies. Text reads, "Why Take Art? It builds creativity and problem solving skills?" Post about the first day of school for art teachers

 WHY are we here? True learning can’t exist if we don’t understand WHY we are learning something.   One of the most important things to discuss on the First Day of School for Art Teachers is the WHY. I always explain to my Art 1 students WHY they need to take an Art 1 class.  Some […]

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 2

First Day of School for Art Teachers ID Cards for students. Photo shows examples.

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 2: Do you dread the beginning of a new school semester the way that I do??  Its not just about ending summer and going back to work. I struggle because its hard for me to feel like I’m on a stage in front of students that I […]

First Day of School for Art Teachers, Part 1

Name tag with text that reads, "Hello. My name is Mrs. Gray" but the name is marked out. First Day of School for Art Teacher post about learning student names.

The First Day of School for Art Teachers is Vital! First Impressions are IMPERATIVE! Let me tell you a little story… Once upon a time, I was at an art event and I met up with a retired art teacher that…well let’s just say had a reputation for having no classroom control and no student […]

Embracing Analog Creativity: CELL PHONE FREE!

Imagine this: an art class where everyone is fully present! No more distracted glances at screens, no random ringtone interruptions, and definitely no funny cat videos in the middle of class (okay, maybe we’ll miss those a little). It’s going to be a symphony of pencils, brushes, and imagination!  Can you hear the creativity humming in the […]