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Penis Drawings? Number 1 Art Teacher Problem?

If you give a boy a pencil... you'll get penis drawings

If You Give a Boy a Pencil…He’ll Probably Draw a Penis.

The oldest art teacher problem of all? Perhaps!! I’m pretty sure there are penis drawings on cave walls!

I’ve had some other interesting classroom graffiti over the years. One semester I kept finding, ” DAD?” on all sorts of things. That was odd. Funny faces, creepy eyeballs, swastikas etc. But the most prevalent and the most iconic classroom drawing is definitely poorly drawn male member.

Click Here to see my favorite funny penis drawings from a student in one of my high school classes.

If you relate and frequently find penis drawings in your classroom and/or you just want a good chuckle to help you get through the day, then click the Rocket Ship Image above to view the NSFW image. Be warned… do not open it near students!!

It will take you to view an actual drawing of a penis that I found in my classroom on the inside of a textbook. As much as we hate the textbook graffiti, you can’t help but laugh!! It is, by far, my favorite penis drawing I’ve found to date!

Please leave a comment below and tell me any funny penis drawing stories you might have to share! Oh, and PLEASE share this post with an art teacher! 🙂

Now, I hope you enjoy this poem. I think we can all relate to this art teacher!

“Phallic Fallacy”

There once was an art teacher so tired

Of boys drawing phalluses, uninspired

On erasers and desks, on books and on walls

She had to take action, and make a call.

She gathered the drawings with a sigh

And thought, “Why not give this a try?”

So she hung them up, all in a row

At the very next schoolwide art show.

The boys who drew them were so amazed

Their drawings ended up in the whole school’s gaze.

As they contemplated their works of art,

The art teacher grinned, feeling quite smart.

“Boys,” she said, with a smirk on her face

“Your art is quite phallic, and in poor taste

But now you can see how it looks on display

For all to admire for the whole school day.”

The boys turned red, and felt quite small

As they saw their drawings hung on the wall

But the lesson was learned, as they all knew

To draw something better, and more clever too.

So if you like to draw penises on paper or walls,

Remember this story and think before you scrawl.

Instead draw something more original, something inspired

And you won’t be embarrassed when your work is admired!


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