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Welcome to It Needs More Contrast! This is your primary destination for teaching tips, art lessons and helpful resources for middle and high school art teachers!

Hi! I’m Erin Taylor.  Juggling planning lessons, grading, and classroom management while teaching those Elements & Principles of Art is HARD work!

So, dive into low-prep resources, snag teaching tips, and spice up your classes with ready-to-roll, engaging art lessons!

My mission? To save you time, so you can leave school at the bell guilt-free because you’ve got masterpieces to create and an awesome life beyond the classroom!


Need No-Prep lesson ideas? I have you covered. Below, you’ll find some of the most popular resources in my shop.

build student confidence in portraits

This is a Grid Drawing Half Face Portrait Drawing Activity for Middle or High School Art Classes using Graphite or Ballpoint Pen. Your Students will gain Portrait Drawing Practice, Skills and Confidence! The full bundle contains 20 different faces from multiple ethnicities. You get a total of 40 Worksheets Pages. 

This freebie is one of the Half Faces from the Bundle, so it contains one gridded reference 8.5” x 11” page and one page the student will draw on.

Portrait Creation with Grids